Think you don’t need to learn anything new about auto repair? THINK AGAIN.

Because every new generation of vehicles adds more complexity to the job. That’s why you have to build on your knowledge to stay at the top of your game. We’ll make sure it happens by showing you how to get more vehicles in the bays, see fewer comebacks, and make customers happy.


APRIL 29-30, 2016

MAY 13-14, 2016

SAT OCT. 8, 2016


All SERVICE-EDU courses are held at regional UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE campuses

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Knowledge is power.

Training keeps you on top of your game.


We can’t do things like we used to.

Every new generation of vehicles bring more complexity to maintenance and repair.


Be more efficient.

The power to get more vehicles in the bays, with fewer comebacks and happier customers.










THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH: It’s advanced education for professional repair
technicians that can make common comebacks ancient history.

Knowledge is power.

Training keeps you on top of your game.


You installed a head gasket and 6 weeks later the vehicle is back in your shop with combustion gas in the radiator. You are baffled. What else could you do besides replacing the gasket?


Your customer brings a vehicle in because of a squeal. You replaced the belt, the squeal persists, but you can’t determine why.


You replaced spark plugs and wires in a car that came in with poor performance, rough idle and a check engine light on. You reset the MIL light and checked all the codes. Six weeks later the vehicle returns with the same poor performance and rough idle and the check engine light is on. Why?

You’ll raise your shop’s profitability potential when you learn to diagnose and repair these and other hidden problems.


8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Knowledge is power, and Saturday is packed with it. You’ll spend the day immersed in three unique training courses and gain industry insights from our guest speaker. Come hungry, as breakfast and lunch are on us. We’ll close out the day with raffle prizes and a few surprises.

Each PRO Course is presented by a manufacture and is focused on their category of expertise. You’ll learn how to diagnose failures, and how to repair them, from three of the aftermarket’s best trainers.


Accessory Belt Drive and Coolant System
An Introduction to the Be System Smart I-60 & R-90 Initiative

During this session, we will explore root cause failures along with the effects they have on the Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS) and Coolant System.

  • Be System Smart – the latest inspection recommendation interval using I-60 & R-90
  • The Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS)
  • Why up to 70% of alternators that are returned for “no charge” have nothing wrong with them
  • How loss of tension affects the ABDS System as a whole
  • Why belt noise is symptomatic of a system failure, not a belt issue
  • The 4 failure modes of a tensioner and how they affect the system
  • The purpose of a decoupler pulley, its failure modes and how to replace it
  • How contaminated coolant affects the modern coolant system
  • Why 40% of radiators and 95% of water pumps replaced show contaminated coolant as the root cause for failure
  • How failure can be imminent if there are certain conditions prevailing in the coolant system
  • Why partial coolant replacement is detrimental to the entire system and why it should be avoided
  • Why your customer may return with additional failures in less than 7 months or 7,700 miles if the coolant system was not properly flushed

Bring a written statement of warranty from any coolant manufacturer to the Gates class and be placed in a drawing for a PowerClean™ Flush Tool ($600 value)!

Water Pumps, Belts, Tensioners, Hoses, Radiator Caps, Thermostats & Couplings

Bobby Bassett

Bobby Bassett
Manager of Training NA
Gates Corporation

Bobby began his career in the Automotive Aftermarket in 1978. His experience includes sales in both automotive, heavy duty with emphasis in hydraulics. Bobby is the Manager of Aftermarket Training for NA for the Gates Corporation. He works closely with technicians, High School and Community College automotive programs and customers, educating them on problematic areas that create comebacks and un-needed warranties associated with the Accessory Belt Drive, Timing and Coolant System. Bobby is certified to teach the Challenger methodology of selling. Bobby believes industry involvement is important to the health of the automotive industry and participates as a member of the Auto Care Educational Committee, ASE Board of Directors in addition to SkillsUSA Automotive Service Technology Technical Committee. Bobby is a member of the Madison United Methodist Church of Madison, MS. Bobby is married to Betty Cannon Bassett and has 2 boys, Seth and Ross.

Gaskets: More Than Meets the Eye
More technical knowledge equals fewer mistakes

You will learn about:

  • Head Gaskets; how MLS designs work, Cylinder head lift off, and understanding TTY fasteners
  • Manifold Gaskets
  • What was the DEXCOOL™ issue really all about
  • How contaminated coolant affects the modern intake manifold and gasket
  • What ruins more manifold gaskets than all other causes combined
  • The evolution of exhaust manifold sealing from asbestos, to steel clad paper, to nothing to MLS designs
  • Sorting Out a confusing array of Ancillary Gaskets including O-rings, Silicone Seals, and Valve Stem Seals that can represent over 185 parts in an engine like the 6.0L Ford Powerstroke®

BONUS: Bring a failed gasket from a job you have worked on and we’ll put your name in a drawing for a Mircrosoft tablet.

Head Gaskets, Manifold Gaskets, Ancillary Gaskets

Bill McKnight

Bill McKnight
Marketing Team Leader-Training

Bill McKnight is well known in the automotive aftermarket. As the training manager for MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. he speaks at industry meetings and conducts webinars on a regular basis. Bill has a MS in education and 35 years of experience educating adults in the auto industry. He ran an engine rebuilding school for 23 of his 35 years with the company, and has served on the board of NATEF and AERA. He also represents MAHLE at motorsports events from NASCAR and NHRA drag racing to tractor and truck pulling and including land speed racing. He is very well versed in gasket technology and you’ll find his presentation both interesting and informative.

Spark Plug and Ignition Advancements
Technology and engineering to help choose the best plug for every job.

The new generation of spark plugs are engineered to run smoothly with new engine electronics and technology. Learn how to diagnose ignition system faults and failures.

BONUS: Bring a fouled spark plug from a job you have worked on and we’ll put your name in a drawing for a digital torque wrench.

Spark Plugs

Michael Durocher

Michael Durocher
NGK Technical Training Specialist
NGK Spark Plugs

Michael Durocher’s fascination with engines sparked in high school with a transparent head small engine that ran on propane. Now hooked, Durocher began repairing and modifying engines in cars, motorcycles and snowmobiles. With an increased interest in all things fast, Durocher started an aircraft refurbish business, which he ran for six years, and in this time also acquired a commercial pilot rating. Durocher gained his ASE certification in auto parts and was an Auto Parts Specialist in automotive retail. Durocher is now a Technical and Training Specialist for NGK Spark Plugs and enjoys automotive restoration in his free time.


You will learn advanced diagnostics for multiple product categories as well as advanced installation tips for greater efficiency and accuracy.

All-day training events provide the opportunity to dedicate time to learning without distractions, and gain concentrated knowledge from leading OE parts manufacturers on specific product categories.

The focus of SERVICE-EDU™ training is on product categories, not brands. Students will apply the knowledge gained during SERVICE-EDU courses in their shops regardless of brand.

Five training events are scheduled for 2016, occurring only one time per regional location. Class schedules for 2017 have not been finalized.

There are 5 events planned in 5 different states for SERVICE-EDU’s inaugural year. We are working to add additional locations to the calendar for 2017. By signing up for our e-newsletter, we will periodically inform you when new locations and dates have been confirmed.

Courses are taught by leading industry trainers and product specialists from prominent aftermarket manufacturers.

Each manufacturer is an expert in their particular category. SERVICE-EDU students receive technical training in a variety of product categories. These courses are not a sales pitch for any specific brand!

Each training session will last 2 hours.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided during the training event on Saturday.

Each student will receive a personalized certificate recognizing the number of hours completed.

These trainings are purely educational and not affiliated with the National Institute for ASE. However,
some of our trainers do personally hold ASE certifications.

These classroom style trainings will follow a lecture/discussion format.

Yes, you will take home a notebook that includes all educational materials covered during the training.

There are no scholarships available at this time.

The SERVICE-EDU training helps create loyalty between you and your customer by providing high quality and advanced training opportunities.


The three courses you’ll attend are focused on these product categories:

accessory belt drive systems (ABDS) | coolant systems | engine components | filtration | ignition system | thermal | timing belt systems | tools & equipment

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  • 3 unique training courses led by industry professionals
  • Chances to win in our multi-prize raffle, each prize valued at over $250
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Valuable networking opportunities
  • Educational materials
  • SERVICE-EDU graduation certification upon class completion


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“I was blown away with the thoroughness & relevance of the training content at SERVICE-EDU. I can’t wait for the next session!”

– Aji P.


“I learned a lot at the SERVICE-EDU training event. Everything was exceptional!”

– Secundino G.
Automotive Instructor, Alice ISD


“It is exciting to see manufacturers come together and offer training specific to the industry. You need to come out and see what this training is – you will get a lot out of it.”

– Jeff  B.
Owner, My Father’s Shop



“While first appearances may lead one to believe the presentations would be highly product oriented (what we techs call a “sales pitch”), the reality was the sharing of very valuable technical information that will go a long way to helping techs perform repairs more effectively and professionally.”

– Peter Meier
Director of Training for the UBM Advanstar Automotive Group 


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